Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Sweet J

It took 14 years for Sweet J to grow.
When only a few hard-die fans could remember the name, version 2.0 appeared. The new interface resembles the old one, yet the differences are noteworthy. Version 1 included 4 modal dialogs. Now only the preferences dialog has survived. The other three have been fused, instead, into the main window. The interface updates immediately, therefore there is no "OK" button. The purpose of Sweet J is limited. The implementation, instead, is rather sophisticated. I say it because the source code is freely available.
When I say "sophisticated" I mean that it's not trivial to connect all the pieces of the interface to a chemistry logic. For example, if you change one of the skeleton atoms, the equation by Haasnoot et al. is no more applicable, therefore the whole interface needs to be updated (some controls disappear, for example).
The picture below has already appeared on the Apple site, on Macupdate and on Macs in Chemistry.
My blog is the official sponsor of this effort. Or is it the opposite? (Sweet J sponsoring the NMR software blog?)... There's also a theory going around which says that Lou Reed wrote a song inspired by it, which is unbelievable: "Sweet Jane" the song predates "Sweet J" the program. Maybe it's the opposite...


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