Sunday, May 24, 2009

We Insist!

Maybe there is an error into the drawing module, or I haven't understood how to use it.
Today I am going to bypass drawing with a clever trick. You can follow me step by step.
1) I open NHMRazor.
2) Command: Find Molecule.
3) I insert a molecular formula: C6H12.
4) I find 30 result: great! I scroll down the list and select 2-methyl-2-ene.
5) I click the button "Load". This loads the structure:
We have almost done it! Next step:
6) A click on the triplet icon.
7) This time I don't select any solvent (who knows?) and assume that the default settings are OK. Final step: button OK...
I am not showing the result because nothing has changed since yesterday ("The server has an error that is currently being fixed. Sorry for any inconvenience").
Have you ever played Myst? You know the feeling.


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