Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Antonio Randazzo

Q. What's your position and where are you working?
I am an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy - University of Naples "Federico II"- Italy

Q. Where have you been working before?
I have worked also at The Scripps Research Institute (San Diego - California - USA) and at the Vanderbilt University (Nashville - Tennessee - USA)

Q. Briefly describe your research.
I have worked in the field of Bioactive Natural Product. I was in charge of the isolation and structural elucidation of new secondary metabolites from marine organisms. The characterization of the new compounds has been accomplished mainly by NMR. Then I moved to the structural study of protein by NMR. Currently I study unusual structures of DNA. In particular I study the structure of modified DNA quadruplex structures....always by means of NMR. I had the occasion to use NMR also in the field of food science.

Q. Which NMR software are you using now?
Currently I am using iNMR on two different machines: an iMAC and a brand new MAC PRO both running Leopard OS and both equipped with two monitors. I find really cool to display 2-3-4 spectra distributed between the two screens and using the recently developed "global cross" feature to display a synchronized cursor simultaneously in all spectra. In this way the assignment of whatever molecule become very simple even in the case of complex and overlapped spectra.

Q. Which other NMR software have you used in the past?
I have used many NMR softwares. However, I have used extensively Xeasy and Felix (Accelrys, San Diego USA).

Q. How do you rate iNMR?
Top score!

Q. Is it enough for your needs?
I find it an EXCELLENT software. I am impressed on the very high quality processing features and the very easy way to use it. It is fast and very user friendly. It satisfies completely all my needs and it is also affordable. Furthermore, It is great in commenting the spectra in order to get a nice pictures for scientific work or didactics. Moreover, the after sale assistance to the software is absolutely incomparable with other softwares. Each improvement I have asked for the software, it has been realized in hours!!!! The assistance is the best ever. I have not found anything like the iNMR assistance before in all my carrier. I definitively give to iNMR my strongest recommendation.


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