Friday, June 12, 2009

Daniel J. Weix

Q. What's your position and where are you working?
A. Assistant Professor, University of Rochester.
Q. Briefly describe your research.
A. Synthetic organic methodology, especially catalysis.
Q. What do you use NMR for?
A. Assaying purity of synthesized materials and identification of products (both organic and inorganic).
Q. Which NMR software are you using?
A. We use iNMR, latest version.
Q. Which other NMR software have you used in the past?
A. I have used MestreC, Bruker XWIN-PLOT, NUTS, MacNUTS (new version), and MestreNOVA.
Q. How do you rate iNMR?
A. I like iNMR better than all of the other software that I have used. The workflow is good and I'm already almost as fast as I was under NUTS (the fastest software of those mentioned above). It seems superior to MestreNOVA, with better keyboard shortcuts (MestreNOVA involved a lot of clicking) and a better user interface. New features are discoverable vs. having to dig into the manual. Importantly, my students like the software very much and they can be taught to use it in very short order.
Q. Is it enough for your needs?
A. More important to me than a list of features is the usability of the program. What good are features that sound nice, but are buggy or so round-about to use that they take more time than the result is worth? Can I get the results I need easily? Can we produce publication quality images? Is it fast? Two features that are often overlooked are the quality of the manual and the customer service of the company behind the software. In these areas iNMR excels. For us, iNMR is more than adequate!


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