Thursday, July 09, 2009


In my fourth year of blogging I have started publishing pictures of spectra. I like my pictures, yet this is not the point. I don't want to convince you that my pictures are beautiful. I want to convince you that I am a spectroscopist and not a programmer.
The programmers have always stated that "in the near future" it will be possible to obtain a completely automatic analysis: from the sample directly to the response (meaning a chemical formula or a list of values), by-passing the plotted spectrum. I have found the same concept and expression "near future", scattered in the literature of all the decades, from the 60s onward.
I really believe it: someday in the future we'll arrive at the completely automatic analysis.
Being that, at this writing time, I am working as a programmer and not as a spectroscopist, I should adhere to this belief and be happy. It happens, instead, that I always think like a spectroscopist scared of remaining unemployed. I really hate to design and write programs for automatic processing and reporting. I like creating programs to display the spectra.
Here comes the difference between "diffusion" and "DOSY". The mere idea of DOSY is to make a troble-free program: push this button and you'll have everything, the diffusion coefficients and the individual components of the mixture. This is what I have understood up to now. In my whole life I have only worked with 2 DOSY experiments, which have not been carried out by me. I have already shown the first one and today I am going to show the second one (please wait a few minutes..).


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