Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Hands on 3-D Processing

A measure of the computing power available today with a desktop computer is the possibility of processing huge spectra in real time. For example: is it possible to correct the phase of a 3-D matrix interactively, in real time? The answer is: yes and you don't even have to employ more than a single core nor to buy an high-end graphic card. When I mean interactive processing I mean that:
- you see a graphic representation of the matrix at each processing stage.
- you can play with it, for example change a parameter just to see the effect it has on the matrix.
It is always necessary to know and understand the mathematical rules that govern NMR processing. The more you know them the more you enjoy their visual representations. The more you play with the graphics, the more you understand the maths behind. The two things go together.
You can find a self-teaching course on basic 3-D processing on the iNMR web site. There is no theory, only a lot of examples and a good measure of practical tips.


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