Sunday, October 29, 2006


What I really wanted to do was to READ a review on NMR software. I have been waiting for more than a decade. During this prolonged period the things I wanted to read have increased up to the point that not only I am now able to write the review by myself, I can fill pages and pages and pages. A review is not enough: a blog better suits my needs. I will explain why NMR software is the most useful of all softwares, why nobody really cares about it, how you can use it, how you can get desperate with it, how you can write your own and why, and related issues.
I dare to say I am a spectroscopist, although there is no spectrometer in my work place and I have never owned one. Certainly I am not a chemist. I have worked with chemists for two decades. They treated me just like one of them. They used to talk about the Mitsunobu reaction and other things that never entered my mind. I don't feel like being a chemist. I am not a programmer. Therefore I am a spectroscopist.
You may have realized that I have not the proper know-how to write about NMR software. Isn't it good news? I can't enter into boring details. My reviews will be readable and enjoyable even by people who don't know what NMR is about! They can be offensive, because NMR software is offensive. It shouldn't be so, but I often got desperate with it, and other people got too. It was also my fault, I have written not just one, but two successful NMR programs... I'll talk about them too.
You can add your own reviews from this moment on...


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