Monday, November 06, 2006

Integral labels

Q: Can you set the integrals so they read vertical instead of horizontal?

A: The integrals are written horizontally. You also wrote your e-mail horizontally. Why do you want to write vertically? It's more difficult to read. Your eyes will soon get tired. There are many tricks to avoid overcrowding of integrals:
  • reduce the number of digits.
  • set 1 proton = 100 integral units and you can do without decimal digits.
  • enlarge some integrals to the right or to the left: the number will be displaced accordingly.
  • change the font.
  • use the cutter tool to remove non-interesting regions.
  • print on larger sheets of paper (we in Europe have the A3 format).
  • you can merge two integral regions; you will only read the sum, yet it's usually trivial to estimate by eye the contributions of each peak.
Are 7 tricks enough?


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