Friday, April 20, 2007

Obituary: ADVASP

Darwinian selection asked its toll. Only yesterday I have discovered that Umatek and ADVASP have disappeared from the web, before I (or anybody else) could have written a review. The following letter was posted on usenet (sci.techniques.mag-resonance) on 11 Sep 2000. I am reporting it here to preserve a trace of the company. I have also preserved the typos and grammar errors, yet I have removed the links.

Dear Sirs:
We are pleased to announce the release of ADVASP package (spectral processing software) under Windows 9x and Windows NT (2000). ADVASP spectra analysis software is especially designed for total customer satisfaction in analyzing IR, MASS and NMR spectra. The main idea in creation of this program is to make user interface as easy as possible from one side and as functional as it is required by professionals. The offered software products allows to get maximum of performance and possibilities due to the combination of the newest software technologies and mathematics algorithms.
The NMR module base features:
The NMR module of Analyzer and Viewer programs has a lot specific features which make the work with the programs very pleasant and fruitful:
The program supports different spectrum file formats and allows to work the majority of the known formats. The Converter program can be also used.
The interface of the program (colours, disposition, font size, etc.) of the program window, toolbars can be adjusted very simple using the command Properties in the menu NMREdit and simple drug-and-drop operations.
The programs allows to process and to analyze the spectrum files very efficient due to the well worked out program algorithms and some other specific features:
the phase adjustment can be introduced after the integrals have been obtained (the integrals values will be changed automatically);
the integrals area can be changed by drug-and-drop operation;
different integrals splitting operations and some other commands.
The use of macros - the number of commands which are applied by running a single command - executes the work fast an effectively. The macros may contain any commands and is executed from the command line, which allows to accomplish the routine work very fast. For example, it may contain a typical list of commands, such as: window function, Furrier transform, automatic phase adjustment, automatic baseline correction, automatic integration. For the spectrum of high quality executing a macros of such a kind in most cases is enough for great majority of purposes.
The programs supports the work with several opened spectrum files at one time that is very useful for serial spectrum processing. The windows of opened spectrum files can be placed cascade, title or arranged.
The programs window contains several toolbars, which can be used for the performing most of operations. The toolbars are very simple at work and useful both for beginners and for experienced users.
The disposition of the toolbars can be changed using drug-and-drop operations and the interface can be adjusted according to the users taste.
The programs have the command line - console, which allows to input spectrum commands, parameter values and macros simply by typing on the keyboard. Due to the wide list of commands and parameters the main work of spectrum processing and analyzing can be done simple and fast using the keyboard only.
The integrals in the spectrum can be obtained by several different ways. The programs support different specific operations with integrals, such as setting the sum value of several integrals; splitting of the integrals; moving by drug-and-drop the integral area. All this makes the integration process simple and convenient.
The programs save the starting FID and allows to switch between processing spectrum and the FID. This option makes possible the application of the window function and other commands even after the FID was transformed into spectrum.
The peak picking commands allows to mark the peaks automatically or only for selected region.
The programs can apply several baseline functions to the spectrum, and varying the functions the best results can be obtained. The cubic splines function allows to get the satisfactory results even for spectrum files with the bad baseline.
To download the evaluation version of software, go to ...
Please notice ADVASP evaluation version is fully functional for 30 days only. We would be thankful if you send any comments to: ... You will find more information on our web site: ...
Sincerely yours,
Peter Demenuk
Umatek International Inc.


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