Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cold War

Please find the similarities:

To tell the truth, I will always like Russian people because of Čajkovskij, Botvinnik, Tolstoj, Kramnik, Puškin, Šostakovič and I also like the Ucranians Lobanovs'kyj and Prokof'ev, the Latvian Tal', the Azerbaijani Kasparov... I even respect Putin more than Obama (without even mentioning our shameful and unpresentable Mr. B., of course). It is not in my nature to fight. Russians are free to do whatever they like with their own money. Sometime it looks obscene, sometime they find a Samuel Eto'o.


At 9:22 PM, Blogger old swan said...

Ms. says:

Thank you, old Swan) I came here to read about CARA, but finished there as I am Russian )))

by the way about your post consequently CARA- is it more "yes" or more "no" to use this programm?

as I used it 2 years ago, after switched to Sparky and now completely forgot all about CARA-I think the second one (((
I like Sparky.


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