Friday, February 09, 2007

Shimming does't hurt, but...

My life has taken a strange turn in the last two months, and it seems that I have forgotten the blog. I wrote at the very start that it's like a book, which means that it has a beginning and an end. I feel like I have already said the really important things, but there's still a lot to say. In this moment something else has taken my personal priority, but I am confident I'll find the time, soon or later, to write everything down.
Today I am registering the rare event of somebody posting a comment. Being it on a hidden page, and being it interesting enough, I am reproducing it here:

I would say that the processor tool is impressively good for import raw NMR data,and then have them processed by proper phasing, baseline correction (you can have solvent peak removed from the baseline correction, such as big ugly water peak), and more importantly, reference deconvolution, to get a beautiful spectrum to start with. Also reference deconvolution function is a good tool to invetigate coupling constants, when they are pretty small (such as 0.5 Hz for long-range coupling constants. With RD function, you can find that lots of claimed singlets, such as the main peaks of creatinine, are not. Such as aromatic peaks of Histidine, are not either. The RD function is a necessary to have, while none other commercial NMR software has it until now. It really ease the difficuly of shimming. Chenomx should have a better online demo to show how to use it.

written by: Ed

I'll certainly come back soon to Reference Deconvolution and to Chenomx, like to all other makers that are so kind to let me evaluate their works. If you haven't the patience to wait another couple of months... post your review!


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