Friday, March 09, 2007


What I LikeWhat I Don't Like
The price. The higher, the better.f1 is erroneously called F2 and f2 is called F1 instead!
The absence of academic discounts.The window is cluttered with icons.
The icons, small and uninspiring, give a non-professional look to the whole.
It's much better than XWin-NMR. Somebody, who has only seen these two NMR programs in his life, believes that TopSpin in the best ever. I can't blame him. I can't find the menu command to open the lock window.
A rich collection of old stuff (DAISY, DNMR, Virtual Spectrometer, etc...), now collectively called "Structure Analysis Tools". It's remorselessly modal. Each mode has its own array of meaningless icons. Many modes even have their own submodes...
I can see the spectrum as large as I like.Aliased graphics brings me ten years back.
The user's guide in pdf: I know that it doesn't cover all the details, but it's a pleasure to browse.The 2D modes are different from their 1D counterparts. The 2D phase-correction mode is not interactive. Phase correction in 2D is unreasonably overcomplicated.
The data-browser.I don't like how the integral regions and the integral values are displayed.
The multiple-display mode.Topspin eats a lot of RAM.


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