Friday, April 20, 2007


This list used to be much longer. This time have removed the broken links, the sites that ceased to report the price tag and programs that haven't been updated in years and that probably never worked. I have not performed any additional search for new products. If you want to add an entry, there is space for comments here below.
When I find a new product, whatever it is (car, hi-fi, laptop, wine, after-shave, you name it...), even when I don't know what it is, I automatically look for the price tag. Initially the reason was: "If I can't afford it, why bother?". Now I have a different attitude, I often bother and seldom buy, but the first thing I do is still to look for the price-tag. It's so immediate, you know. Most of the NMR processing programs have their price published on the internet. I have created the following list that redirects you to each price page. You'll find all forms of licensing schemes, and programs of all sizes and all qualities, ranging from the unusable to the great. The purposes of the products are also quite varied. You find the general-purpose tool, the protein-specific, the synthetic-chemistry-oriented, the spectroscopist-oriented, the easy-to-use, the etc... Eventually I have repeated the error of all list-makers: I have added products that I know nothing about.
My long-term mission is just the opposite: to write a detailed review of each product. (Still have to find the time, a copy of Windows, etc...).
Here are the sites that report the prices:

I have included the available freeware, because the price is implicitly stated. I have excluded some products that are NMR programs but not NMR processing programs. I have excluded some freeware that requires a commercial package like Matlab or Mathematica.
Some important names are missing, because their companies don't disclose the price on the web. Ask their quotations, it doesn't hurt.


At 3:56 PM, Blogger Dan Kegel said...

When you write your review,
can you also test the Windows
products on Linux using Wine?

At 4:35 PM, Blogger old swan said...

I have got an iMac G5 and a MacBook. The simplest thing would be: somebody gifting me with an old XP license. I could install it on the MacBook.


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