Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Calm ( is a little curiosity. It is LAOCOON with a graphic interface. I discovered version 2.0 today on Google. The copyright notice only says: Resonance Co., 1991. I didn’t believe it possible to find such an old piece of software on today’s web. Not only I found it, it was one of the first pages that I found typeing "NMR software" on Google. Is it a bug into the search engine, a joke or pure luck?
The program is well documented and available to every one (but at start the splash screen says: “This is illegal copy!”). You need: DOS 3.2 or higher, while the mouse is “desirable". You can use DOSBox ( instead of the former, like I did.
When you download Calm, you also find an example (what else if not the classic ODCB?) with the corresponding experimental spectrum. On the web site you find the instructions, step by step, to run the example and to have an immediate feeling of what Calm is like. All in less than one minute.
The web page, which was updated last year, also lists the “Future extensions”, that do not include the porting to another OS. I suppose that the authors gave up after version 2 and the promise of future work has simply remained for historical reasons. Even if the actual name of the author is not reported, it is clear that Calm belongs to the Russian Academy of Sciences. If they are really able to work with 16 years old hardware they are to be praised and their example to be followed. Let’s save the planet!


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