Friday, August 15, 2008


When I wrote my last post, I hadn't tried iNMR 3 on a new computer yet. While the performance on 6-years old machines is praiseworthy for all kinds of reasons, I can't believe my eyes when iNMR 3 runs on a modern machine. 2D processing is almost instantaneous, up to the point that I am asking myself: "Where is the trick?".
iNMR 3 is still under development. The beta version is publicly available and is highly stable, certainly usable for all purposes. A dedicated page on the web is packed with detailed info. Don't panic, there's nothing technical, everything is extremely readable.What else can be said? It's the fastest NMR application I have ever seen, and I am convinced it will remain the no. 1 for a long time. Do you know anything faster?


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