Tuesday, September 13, 2011


After many happy experiments in the field of manual phase correction, after many years and many different solutions, this is what I like now, the perfect phase correction module for 2012:
At first it is confusing, because of the so many controls and because of its asymmetry. The two important elements are the circular slider for the zero-order phase correction and the long vertical slider for first-order correction. This module works in connection with a pivot marker, which can be either horizontal or vertical. Some people don't understand the idea behind the pivot marker. It is not a third parameter. It's simply an interface element which frees the user from the task of adjusting the zero-order correction. Without the pivot, the correction is a two-parameter optimization (iterative, non intuitive and tedious). With the pivot, it becomes a single parameter optimization (intuitive, natural, easy and instantaneous). This new module is so thin, that it let you see the whole spectrum behind it. When the thumb reaches the end of the run on the vertical slider, the value for the end of the run changes, so the visual effect is that the thumb returns to the center. If you aren't a purist, the button "auto" performs automatic phase correction.


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