Saturday, November 18, 2006

Can't be pregnancy

A reader complains because MestreNova hasn't appeared yet, despite the web site says: "alpha version planned for 15th November". As you may know, a program can have countless alpha and beta versions, and they certainly have some kind of alpha version already compiled. We don't know however, what they mean with "alpha", and if they also plan to make it public. I suppose that the reader who wrote: "we are waiting for mestrenova... the date of release was 15/11 but it isn't ready!!!" is also an old-time customer of Mestre-C, because the first phases of testing will likely be restricted to old Mestre-C users. This is what my friends at Mestrelab confirmed to me in September. One may observe that, normally, alpha versions remain internal to the software house, while beta versions (either public or not) are submitted to the end-users. The web announcement is misleading, because lets you believe that the alpha version will be publicly available (admirable). Certainly it is outdated, by now. They have chosen the strategy of a premature announcement and now have added more tension: all they wanted was to be noticed and they hit the target. This is certainly _not_ the kind of delay you should worry about.
iNMR UB is receiving less attention, because it's simply a recompilation. The program was fast enough even when ran on Rosetta, so fast that they bought it nonetheless. The testing won't be long. All the reports, up to now, say that this new version is just perfect. If nothing new happens, version 1.5.6 will officially debut on monday. What's really new about it is the lower price.


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