Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Never in Time

I started writing iNMR when 90% of Mac users had already switched to OS X, after Varian had already introduced VNMRJ for Mac OS X. I felt they had invaded my territory and, partly prompted from this challenge, decided to compete.
After one month Steve Jobs announced the next migration, from PowerPC to Intel. Then I knew I was working for a short-lived computer, the PPC iMac. A few months later, another program appeared for OS X, called NMR notebook. In January 2007 the MacBook arrived on the shelves. When iNMR 1.0 shipped, it was already old, because it was not Universal Binary. At the same time the public complained because it had less functions than SwaN-MR. And there were already two competiors. If I had sold as little as 200 copies I had certainly recompiled iNMR on the spot. Adding the desired functions required more effort but less money, and this is what I have done during 2006. Yesterday I began writing the UB version and today it was ready. It's OK, but it takes too long for a deep testing. It's unbelievable the wealth of features contained into a floppy (this is the size of the download). This evening I published iNMR UB in the form of a beta version, hoping to find some collaboration for testing. The beta version requires system 10.4, but the final version will be compatible with 10.3. What else can happen before it becomes an official release? Acorn and Mestrelab have already announced their respective versions for OS X. It's impossible to find a weak spot into the products of the competitors, if they keep these products well closed into their drawers. The winner is always Apple, which managed to sell two computers per programmer: the UB version must necessarily be tested on two different computers.


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