Friday, April 20, 2007


Yesterday I commented on a communication I had found on a 26-year old issue of Analitica Chimica Acta. Afterwards I have discovered that the author, Marshall Siegel, is still a chemist, currently involved in Chemometrics and MS spectrometry, and contacted him via e-mail. A couple of hours ago I received a transatlantic phone call from he himself. He shared with me his current plans and liked to reminisce how it was difficult to transfer a spectrum out of a spectrometer back in 1980. He resorted to print the single data points on paper! Doesn't he deserve the title of pioneer? Curiously, he has added that transferring spectra is still an issue in 2007.
We talked at length of many interesting subjects that I will not report here. Being both of us fond of computation, this could be the beginning of a fruitful cross-pollination between FT-MS and FT-NMR.


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