Sunday, September 07, 2008


I have began editing the comparative price list, instead of republishing it periodically. You find the link at the top of the sidebar. Today I have added three new entries, and you'll notice they are all quite expensive; this fact is remarkable, because those programs aren't generally considered commercial. Actually they are the most expensive ones! NMR is extremely specialistic, and for this reason it becomes impossible to keep a freeware alive for a long time.
You go nowhere without money, as SideSpin exemplifies so clearly!
Apart from the boring pricing considerations, you can follow the links to explore the new websites of NMRPipe, CYANA and LCModel. There is a striking contrast between the informative and elegant site of the first one and the extreme simplicity of the last one. According to the title and the URL, it is the personal site of Stephen Provencher and not the site of the product, but there is no information at all about the author. Even his geographical location is a bit of an enigma. The working address, reported on the publications, is Göttingen, but the home address is Oakville, Ontario. I thought that retired people preferred warm places. There are exceptions to all the rules; what can be an explanation, in this case? The fact that Canada is the home of NMR software? The magnetic attraction of the North Pole?


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