Monday, April 23, 2007


As announced in this page on the Varian web site, last Saturday the Varian Users' Meeting hosted the presentation of the forthcoming Mestrenova, held by Santiago Dominguez, CEO of Mestrelab Research. This is not the first time that Varian endorses an external software (Varian itself has never released a program for Windows, as far as I remember, while its users have always been asking for such a thing).
The new collaboration between Varian and MestreLab has a special meaning, partly due to the current difficulties faced by Bruker (TopSpin is not compatible yet with Vista!), and mainly because of the importance of this new product.
MestreNova has long been announced and never released. The official news is that it will be commercially released during this week for the Windows OS. It is a completely new program, not an adaptation of old code, as many others are used to do. During the last years the MestreLab team has been touring the world, meeting thousands of chemists and hearing directly from their mouths what a modern NMR software should be like. At the same time they invested real and big resources into the making of it.
The ambition of MestreNova is to become everybody's ideal product. They want it to become the best choice for both the academic and the industrial reseacher, for both the casual user and the expert specialist. In the short term, they declare, MestreNova will also cover Mass Spectrometry, Infrared and Ultraviolet and will run on MacOSX and Linux. Need anybody a version for the GameBoy?
It will take a long time for me to write a review, both because MestreNova is a large package (a huge one if you also consider NMRPredict) and because I must do something else to get my bread. Do not wait for me: register yourself at the MestreLab site (it's enough to give your e-mail address), where you can download MestreNova from and evaluate (use) it for as long as 45 days.
Bruker programmers should feel under heavy pression today!


At 8:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ciao, Giuseppe,
Thank you for your very gracious entry on Mnova and Varian. We are not planning anything for Gameboy yet, but as far as Mac is concerned, both SwanMR and iNMR have been a true inspiration for us - I hope that we can give Mac users who try Mnova an experience which is up to the high standard these two softwares have set.
Greetings from Daytona Beach.
Santi Dominguez

At 4:19 PM, Blogger Same said...

and Thanks for making all theses info available. So is there any descent NMR software that is currently compatible with Windows Vista.


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