Monday, November 20, 2006


Today iNMR is a Universal Binary application.
This is the final stage of a long endeavor. I have added to iNMR all the features asked by hundreds of users of all disciplines and the program is still extremely compact, elegant and immediate. It integrates perfectly with Mac OS X, also because it's the only NMR program which adheres to the Apple guidelines. Now that Apple is selling millions of computers, other software houses are hastily porting their products from Windows, but they can never achieve the same level of integration. Even admitting that these other programs will be ported, they will still look like strangers into Mac OS X.
iNMR is so vast that can be compared to a suite of programs: a processor, an annotator, two modules to simulate both static and dynamic NMR spectra, a versatile line-fitting module, a host of importing filters and another host of exporting functions. To control all these operations you don't have to navigate through long menus or countless palettes, nor to memorize the command names. You have certainly appreciated the clear and simple interface of iNMR.
Despite the wealth of features, most users have never reported a single bug. The few reported errors have been swiftly corrected and a new version has appeared within 24 hours from their discovery. This is certainly the most important thing you wanted to know.
You are kindly invited to download and try the latest version 1.5.6 and to visit the site for further news.


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